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Please note we have hundreds of options to choose from, here is just a small selection.

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  FLD - A clean and contemporary bar/breakout range with distinctive angular detailing creating a simple but striking look.  

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  VNT - A fusion of functionality and style, its simple elegant lines are designed to complement café and breakout environments.  

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  BAR - Extremely versatile and specifically designed for use in breakout/café areas. Constructed of chromed steel tube, with choice of plywood seats. Complementary dining/meeting and bar poser tables offer a complete solution.  

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  LAT - Sleekly proportioned and comfortably moulded with sculpted curvy lines, latte can be used to enhance any breakout areas, lounges and retail settings.  

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  FOOD1 - 4-person fast food seating unit with blue vinyl seats (other colours available), option for single or double access.  

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  FOOD3 - 4-person fast food seating unit with moulded plastic seats, option for single or double access.  




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